Are you a travel influencer?

Do you have innate skills to take photos, make videos and create travel tips about the special place you traveled to?

Are you followed on your social networks by other travelers?

Would you like to travel and stay for a few days in exchange for your work?

your answer was YES to these questions?

come help us create quality travel content 

in exchange for free accommodation

TRAVEL INFLUENCERS.prog is an initiative of European Independent Hostels. 

With the emergence of European Independent Hostels at the end of 2023, the TRAVEL INFLUENCERS.prog will also appear in 2024.

This program arises on the one hand with the need for small Hostels to show their authenticity and genuineness on their social networks and various online platforms, and on the other hand with the challenge of doing this work alone and in an organized and professional way.

On the other hand, it is an excellent opportunity for travel content creators, or influencers, to have an excellent challenge to showcase their work, not in a large Hostel in a big city, but in a smaller, more authentic Hostel in a smaller location, which always provide some good surprises for those who travel.

That's exactly what we intend with this program, to show what no one has yet shown in the way that you know how to do, through photos, videos, travel trips, etc.

Being authentic is very important, we don't just look at the number of followers you have, but also at the quality of the content you post. Does having experience help? yes it helps, but your passion for traveling may be greater than that.

The process is very simple, fill out the form below, if you are chosen, we will offer you a place/s to stay in exchange for your work. You will have an agreement mentioning your work and what you will get in return.