You might want to consider having a printed boarding pass


1️⃣ Phone batteries die and you don't want to be that person holding up the line because you can't access your app. This is especially true if you have connecting flights where your battery is more likely to die.

2️⃣ Sometimes border agents ask to see your boarding pass and it's just easier to hand your printed pass than find it on your phone again.

3️⃣ Paper boarding passes typically provide more information than digital ones, including your e-ticket number and booking code (PNR). (Mobile boarding passes store that information inside the QR code, which you can't access without a scanner).In the event your frequent flier miles don't post to your account, this is the best way to prove you took the flight so taking a screenshot of it is always a good idea.

4️⃣ We personally learned how important it is to have printed passes on my last flight. We had flights that were cancelled and changed and our boarding passes were the only proof we had of all the changes. This helped when we submitted claims to our insurance company and the airline.